Supporting Diverse Forms of Creative Expression

Craftopia’s mission extends beyond supporting artists; it is a hub for all forms of creative expression. Recognizing the power of art to translate the human condition and heal societal traumas, Craftopia is committed to providing a space where creativity can flourish, offering healing and insight into our shared experiences.


A Hub of Artistic Activity, Social Engagement, and Innovative Projects


Craftopia has been instrumental in hosting a variety of activities, including theater rehearsals, workshops in theatre, circus, dance, and music, with a particular focus on integrating immigrants and refugees. It also facilitates economic opportunities for creative groups through meetings, collaborations, and content creation.



Significantly, Craftopia has curated and participated in projects such as “Crafthub,” a transnational residency and skill development program for craft professionals, and organized multiplier events under various EU-funded projects. In the “Theatre in a Palm” project, Craftopia curates artist residencies, productions, and workshops, providing a platform for emerging performing artists to develop and showcase their talents. These initiatives highlight Craftopia’s commitment to broadening the scope of creative endeavors and fostering community engagement.


International Projects and Social Advocacy

In addition to its role in projects like CraftHub (www,crafthub.eu) and Theatre in a Palm (https://theatreinpalm.turkuamk.fi/ ), Craftopia supports important social causes, including initiatives like Kamia Moni, which addresses issues like casual sexism and gender-based violence. This involvement underscores Craftopia’s dedication to social advocacy and community empowerment.