Craftopia develops artistic, cultural, and festive events in public spaces, particularly in working-class neighborhoods. This aligns with the project's focus on creating joint projects that culminate in public events like parades. Additionally, Craftopia's involvement in "The Nomad House" project demonstrates its commitment to integrating migrants and refugees through performing arts and multidisciplinary workshops.

Craftopia focuses on practices that bring people together in public places for festive, artistic, and democratic moments. The hub adapts its events to respond to changing urban landscapes and gentrification, addressing key concerns of the project.

Craftopia is experienced in experimenting with different forms of co-production, working with local collectives, residents, and social partners. This approach echoes the project's objectives to experiment with new forms of co-production and involve local communities in defining projects.

Craftopia's participation in projects like CraftHub and Theatre in a Palm, as well as "The Nomad House," demonstrates its capacity for European collaboration and networking. The project's emphasis on building networks of local and European partners aligns with Craftopia's experience in international collaborations.

Craftopia's involvement in EU-funded projects, such as CraftHUB, Theatre in a palm, and  "The Nomad House," showcases its expertise in managing and implementing projects with external funding. This is relevant for the "Project in Common 2024-2026," which aims to utilize Creative Europe funds for small-scale European cooperation projects.

Craftopia coordinated and hosted workshops as part of "The Nomad House," which functioned as an itinerant European cultural center. These workshops were multidisciplinary and focused on artistic creation around migration issues.
Theatrical Creation and Cultural Activities: The hub supported theatrical creations and various cultural activities, which will culminate into a traveling exhibition and conference. These events were led by a team of academics who shared the life stories of migrants arriving in Europe, highlighting their experiences and trajectories. and its still an ongoing process.
Research and Coordination:
Research on Current Realities in Greece: Craftopia coordinated research to update the current realities in Greece regarding migration. This research was crucial in shaping the project's direction and ensuring its relevance to the local context.
Recruitment and Workshop Management:
Participant Recruitment: Craftopia utilized its network of partners to recruit participants for the workshops, ensuring that at least 50% of them were migrants, along with local participants. This approach fostered an inclusive and diverse environment for learning and exchange.
Logistics and Support: Craftopia managed the logistics of the project, including providing lunch, snacks, and drinks for participants during the workshops, which spanned 132 hours. This logistical support was vital for the smooth running of the project and the comfort of the participants.